The Samsung Galaxy S6 has been subjected to many brutal tests in a bid to see if Samsung’s choice of going for glass and metal was the right one. For the most part the Galaxy S6 appears to be able of holding its own and survived many a drop test. However in the latest test, it seems that some people are curious as to whether or not the Galaxy S6 will be able to survive if it got run over by a Tesla Model S car.

We suppose there are instances when that might happen, say you drop your phone and it bounces onto the road where a car runs it over. Now the question is, did the Galaxy S6 survive being run over by the car? As it turns out the handset did. Of course there was extensive damage to the phone’s outer hardware but as far as its innards were concerned, it continued to function.

That being said the choice of using glass had a bit of a downside, and that in the video when the glass was cracked from the car running it over, it actually cut the video’s presenter in the process, so if you were to drop your Galaxy S6 and its glass shatters or breaks, that’s something you would probably want to take note of when picking it up. In any case if you have a couple of minutes to spare, you can check out the video above to see it in action.

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