Samsung-Galayx-S6-Japan-970-80Just like how the apple logo on the back of iOS and Mac devices lets everyone know you own an Apple product, the same can be said for just about any company, including Samsung who has placed their logos across their products. However in an interesting move, the company has decided to do away with it over in Japan.

As you can see in the image above, it is that of the Samsung Galaxy S6 which the company will be selling in Japan. However instead of seeing the Samsung logo plastered on the front or the back of the device, it is oddly missing and replaced with the “Galaxy” branding instead. We’re not sure why Samsung has decided to do that, perhaps they wanted a cleaner image, or maybe they’re trying to aim for the same recognition that Apple gets when people spot its devices.

However according to a Samsung official, it seems that the company’s brand is pretty well established in Japan, which is why they can do away with the Samsung logo on the phone. Then again shouldn’t that apply to other countries as well? After all Samsung recently managed to hold onto their dominant position in the global smartphone market share, so shouldn’t that logic apply to Samsung’s phones in other markets too? In any case it’s an interesting choice but what say you, does having the branding on the phone bother you?

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