Unlike other fitness bands and smartwatches out in the market today, the Apple Watch was marketed and advertised as fashionable device, not so much a device aimed at the rugged adventurer or sports enthusiast, which is why features like it being impact resistant (which it really isn’t) and water-resistant were never really talked about.

Now this isn’t to say that the device is a delicate piece of technology that absolutely cannot be dinged or have water splashed on it. In fact a recent series of tests conducted by DC Rainmaker has proven that the Apple Watch is a lot more water-resistant than Apple had let on, but hey, better to underpromise and to over deliver, right?

Previously there had been a test that proved the Apple Watch was more water-resistant than advertised, but Rainmaker found that the device is actually a lot more capable than that. His tests include a 1,200 meter swim, diving off a 32-foot platform, and even placing it in a waterproofing test chamber for two minutes, simulating a dive of 40 meters.

Basically at the end of the day, the Apple Watch survived. Now it is possible that Apple knows the extremes that the wearable can take but like we said, better to underpromise which could potentially allow Apple to wiggle their way out of any potential lawsuits. That being said it should be noted that warranty does not cover water damage so if one day you find out that swimming with the Apple Watch actually ruins it, you’d be out of luck.

In the meantime you can check out the series of tests conducted by Rainmaker in the videos above and below.

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