watts apple watchThe Apple Watch comes with a ton of features which allows users to use it in all sorts of manner. For example some could use it as a music playback control, some might use it to read and reply messages, some might use it for fitness, but in the case of Molly Watt, she actually uses it to help enhance her lifestyle.


This is about taking advantage of the accessibility features on the Apple Watch. Watt, as described on her blog (via 9to5Mac), has Usher Syndrome Type 2a which basically means she suffers from hearing loss and visual impairment. While there are accessibility features on her iPhone, it’s the Apple Watch that really took things to the next level.

Watt recently reviewed the Apple Watch on her blog and on it she describes how much more convenient the device has made her life. For example notifications are now delivered on her wrist meaning that she won’t miss messages anymore. She also developed “codes” to communicate with her friends who also have the Apple Watch.

According to her, “For instance if I am in a badly lit and noisy environment and struggling to be included in something I can get message to friend I’m uncomfortable or I need assistance or help of some kind or “I’m bored” can we do something else!” Watt also describes her experience with the Maps feature where the haptic feedback helps tell her where she needs to go, where she should turn, and so on.

Like we said the Apple Watch can be used by people from all walks in life, for the business user who wants to be notified whenever, to the fitness enthusiast who wants to record their biodata, but it’s refreshing to learn that our gadgets can sometimes enrich and enhance the lives of others in deeper and more meaningful ways.

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