apple watch goldThe Apple Watch Edition is priced starting at $10,000 which puts it way beyond the reach of most people, but as you might have heard, some companies are starting to offer to gold plate Apple Watches so that customers can have the same look, even if it isn’t exactly the same thing but unless you’re a die-hard Apple fan, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell either.

Well as it turns out gold plating Apple Watches is a great idea and more jewelers have caught onto it and have started to offer up their services as well. For example there are companies such as Watch Plate that will gold plate your Apple Watch for $399. All customers have to do is send them your wearable and within 3 working days, they should be able to send the final product back to you.

Other companies have priced it a bit higher, like Golden Dreams where they are planning to sell gold-plated Apple Watches starting from $4,200. This will include variants such as 24 karat yellow gold models, 18 karat rose gold models, and 18 karat white gold models. They are all custom made in Geneva and will be shipped worldwide.

Like we said it’s not exactly the same as buying an Apple Watch Edition, but it is considerably cheaper and if you think you can afford to spend that much, then why not? Go for it!

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