One of the features of the Apple Watch is the ability to send your heartbeat with your friends and family. It sounds gimmicky, doesn’t it? After all what use is there to such a feature? Maybe you want to share your excitement but other than that, it seems like a gimmick at best. However it seems that these new parents have found a rather touching way of making use of it.

Basically what they’ve done is that they’ve put the Apple Watch onto the wrist of their newborn son, and from there they managed to record his heartbeat and share that with the rest of their family members, sort of to let them know that their baby is okay and doing well. This sat especially well with family members who could not be there in person to see the newborn baby.

According to the couple, “Our first child was born and we used an Apple Watch Sport to send his heartbeat to our distant family members it was a really awesome experience that we couldn’t have done without the Apple Watch.” Like we said it’s a pretty cool idea and a pretty clever use of the feature. We have to admit that we are curious as to how the feature might otherwise be used in the future. In the meantime if you’re looking for a touching way to start your Monday, take a minute out of your day and check out the video above.

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