The time has come that people start wondering about a successor to the Surface Pro 3 tablet. Microsoft recently revived its Surface tablet line with the Surface 3 and naturally many started asking when the company plans on launching the Surface Pro 4. If word on the street is to be believed, then Redmond might actually be planning to do that as soon as this month.

It has been nearly a year since Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3 so the time is ripe for a new model. Microsoft has not yet revealed its plans for this tablet though and at its BUILD conference last week the company didn’t talk about any new hardware.

Though it’s important to mention here that the Surface Pro 3’s announcement didn’t come at last year’s BUILD conference. Instead Microsoft put together an intimate event to unveil its new flagship tablet, so it’s expected that the company might do so this time around as well.

Rumor has it that the Surface Pro 4 could be powered by an Intel Core i-series processor and may have a fanless design, which would allow the tablet to be radically thinner than its predecessor.

Obviously this is all just speculation at this point in time and should be taken as such. Microsoft has said nothing officially about the Surface Pro 4, but when it does we’ll be sure to update you right away.

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