A report out of Colorado brings news of a man who claims that his Nintendo Wii burnt all of his belongings. The man lives in his RV and he says that the fire caused by his console burnt down everything he owns, including the RV. According to the report he had powered down the console but it was plugged in, there’s nothing unusual here because that’s how almost everybody sets up their consoles. That’s the Wii you see in the picture.

Trevor Pellegrin says that he was told by fire investigators that they were “99 percent sure” that the fire was caused by the console. Insurance adjusters will first conduct an X-ray on the console to determine if it really caused the fire.

Pellegrin tells KKTV that he was using the Wii to stream Netflix and he turned powered it off before leaving the RV to head to a meeting. When he returned he found his house on fire along with everything inside it.

It’s unclear right now how the console might have caused the blaze, it can be speculated though that something inside the Wii might have ignited, sparked or overheated and caused some fabric nearby to burn up which then led to the fire.

A spokesperson from the fire department told the news outlet that they have ruled out “all other possible sources of ignition.” So far there has been no response from Nintendo on the matter.

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