iPhone-6-review-7The Apple Watch despite its apparent high volume sales has seen mostly mixed reviews in which users praise Apple’s efforts, but felt that maybe it could stand to be improved upon. So what’s with so many people buying it then? Well brand loyalty is a potential factor in which consumers who want a smartwatch but are loyal to Apple will only buy the Apple Watch, despite its shortcomings.

Speaking of brand loyalty, a recent report from RBC Capital Markets has revealed that in a survey, they found that as far as customer retention is concerned, Apple is doing a much better job at keeping their customers on board compared to the competition, like Samsung. According to their findings, 83.4% of iPhone users plan to stick with Apple for the foreseeable future.

This is versus Samsung in which customer retention was at 64.2%. When asked if they might jump ship, 4.2% of iPhone users claim that they will buy a Samsung phone as their next device, while 9.7% of Samsung customers said that they will hop on board the iPhone bandwagon for their next purchase.

When polled to see which phone might be their next purchase overall, 43.3% state that it will be from Apple. 24% of the users polled claimed that they have no idea which sadly is a tad higher compared to those who voted for Samsung – 23.4%. Coming in dead last is also BlackBerry with only 0.5% of the votes.

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