apple musicWhen it comes to paid downloads of music, it’s hard to deny that iTunes is king. However in the music streaming department, Spotify is leading the way and this is something Apple obviously does not want which is why they launched Apple Music, a competing service meant to leverage of the Apple brand to appeal to users.


Obviously not every artist on iTunes will sign with Apple Music. For example Taylor Swift’s 1989 album is available on iTunes for purchase, but as the artist has confirmed last week, her album will not be available on Apple Music. Since then there have been rumors suggesting that Apple is apparently threatening its iTunes artists that if they don’t come on board, Apple will remove them from the iTunes Store.

Thankfully that appears to be a rumor that has since been denied by Apple. In a statement provided to Rolling Stones, the Apple rep confirmed that artists on iTunes will not be removed even if they choose not to allow their music to be streamed on Apple Music. It seems that Apple has been having a hard time trying to get artists on board.

An earlier report revealed that over in the UK, it seems that none of the indie labels want anything to do with Apple Music, namely because of the 3-month trial period offered by Apple in which they will not be paid anything at all which some feel would put them out of business.

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