taylor swiftYou might recall that last year, popular artist Taylor Swift removed all of her songs from Spotify, claiming that music streaming services such as Spotify do not fairly compensate artists for their work. Unfortunately if you were hoping that Apple’s upcoming Apple Music would somehow convince Swift, you’d be mistaken.

According to a report from BuzzFeed, it seems that Swift has declined to allow Apple Music to stream her 1989 album as well. This was confirmed by Swift’s label Big Machine Records and Apple themselves. However the semi-good news is that at the very least, her back catalogue will be available so that’s something Swifties can get behind on.

As it stands there is no streaming platform that currently offers Swift’s 1989. Apart from Apple Music, music services such as Rdio and Tidal will offer her back catalogue as well, save for Spotify in which pretty much all of her songs have been removed due to a spat between both Swift and the company.

Swift’s stance is notable as she is not alone in her sentiments. An earlier report suggested that indie labels were resisting Apple’s attempts to sign them, citing the 3-month trial period as the biggest reason as whatever music streamed during that period will not be paid out to them. The bigger labels reportedly were against it either, but ultimately gave in when Apple offered up a 71.5% cut to them, a rate which is higher than the industry standard.

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