apple_banner_no_ipodIt used to be that one of Apple’s most in-demand items was the iPod, at least until the iPhone came around and proved that you could have an iPod, a phone, and a browsing device all in one. Now it seems that Apple could be ready to call it quits on the iPod, or at least position it in such a way that it will no longer be one of their main focuses.

It has been noted that Apple has actually removed the iPod from the menu on top of their website. In its place it now reads “Music” which takes users to the Apple Music page. That being said this does not mean that the iPod has been discontinued. Users will still be able to shop for the iPod, it’s just no longer prominently placed on Apple’s main website.

That being said we suppose it doesn’t really come as a surprise that Apple is starting to focus less on the iPod. With the launch of Apple Music, the Cupertino company is sort of admitting that streaming is the way of the future. This kind of goes against what the iPods represent which is paid and downloaded music.

Sure, you have the iPod Touch which can go online, but when you’re out and about, do you really want to be scoping out for free WiFi hotspots or tether your phone just to listen to music? Of course Apple could completely surprise us with a new generation of iPods down the road, but in the meantime it doesn’t seem very likely.

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