apple-watch-data-exchange-patentSending files to someone else is pretty straightforward. You can choose to send it via messenger apps such as WhatsApp where you can attach a photo or video. You can also choose to share it via cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, or attach it in an email and let the other person download it whenever they want.

However it seems that Apple is exploring the idea of allowing users to transfer data to one another through a simple process – a handshake. This is based on a recently discovered patent which suggests that this is a feature that could arrive on the Apple Watch in the future. Basically through the use of sensors, the watch can detect when a handshake has occurred. It will also be able to detect a bow and high-fives.

After which it seems that it will then initiate a file transfer. It is unclear as to what kind of files might be transferred with this method, but given the formality of a bow and a handshake, and the friendly nature of a high-five, all of which seems to suggest some kind of greeting, perhaps contact information might be exchanged, like a business card or a phone number.

It is possible that it could also be used in a business setting where both parties agree on a deal and the handshake essentially seals it virtually, like the equivalent of signing a contract or even making money transfers. Of course whether or not this feature sees the light of days remains to be seen, but it’s an interesting one.

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