It is widely known that listening to music on your headphones at high levels is bad for your ears as it could lead to hearing loss in long-run, but given that all our ears can hear at different frequencies, for some of us this means that we have to crank up the volume in order to better enjoy our music and videos.


However if you’d like to prevent hearing loss in the future, Aumeo is a device worth checking out. It is a small gadget that attaches to your headphones. From there users will run a small test to determine the frequencies that they are able to hear, after which Aumeo will then help create a tailored sound for you so that you can enjoy your audio in all of its entirety without needing to raise the volume levels.

For example depending on the person, they might not be able to hear lower frequencies as well as the next, so that means that will need to turn up the volume in order to better hear it, but with Aumeo that will not be necessary. The device will be able to store your profile for your headphones, although given that headphones are all made differently, you will need to run the test and create a new profile with new headphones.

Now this isn’t so much about boosting the quality of your audio since that will rely on your source, headphones, and software, but as far as being able to hear everything, Aumeo should in theory be able to deliver on that. It is currently an Indiegogo project seeking funding so if you’d like to lend your support, hit up its website for the details.

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