apple_logoCould Apple be working on an electric/self-driving car of their own? It is possible that maybe the company could be toying about with the idea, but a recent hire of Doug Betts who used to be the manager for Fiat Chrysler’s global quality efforts seems to have fueled the rumors that Apple is indeed working on such a vehicle.

This is according to a recent report from The Wall Street Journal who noted that Bett’s LinkedIn profile now lists Apple as his current employer, and notes that he had joined in July where he now has the title of “Operations”. Unsurprisingly no additional details were revealed and as usual, Apple has declined to comment on the new hire.

That being said, it is entirely possible that Bett’s hire could be for something else entirely. He did hold a managerial position so it is possible his skills could be used for non-car-related projects at Apple. However a report from earlier this year revealed some of the possible team members of the Apple’s rumored car project.

Another rumor also suggested that Apple had a team of hundreds already in place to work on the Apple Car. In any case we’re probably many years away from seeing if the car truly exists or not, or if it could end up being like the rumored Apple TV which to date has yet to materialize.

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