bmw i3There is a pilot program that is being run by a utility company in California, where a hundred BMW i3 owners have been chosen to participate in a research, being given $1,000 in the process. The whole idea of this would be to have an adequate sample field to measure the impact charging times that has on the electrical grid of the San Francisco Bay Area. This particular trial will run for 18 months by the Pacific Gas & Electric company, kicking of this week in order to attempt in reducing the impact that electric cars have on the grid.

Imagine that! Being paid just to delay the charging of one’s vehicle, especially when the city’s power grid comes under some amount of pressure due to high consumption at peak hours. Of course, this is but a single out of many other experiments that are happening worldwide, where there is a collective effort being made to figure out which is the best method when it comes to recharging electric vehicles (EVs).

Jana Corey, PG&E’s director of electrification and alternative fuels, shared, “We are quite committed to the adoption of electric vehicles in California. The BMW pilot is an effort to demonstrate that we can manage the load on these vehicles in a very reliable way.”

The BMW i3 is rumored to be the basis for Apple’s electric car, can also be ordered online via Amazon Japan.

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