Sometimes you don’t need the cold barrel of a gun poking into the small of your back to know that there is a gun in your midst. Thanks to a smart camera called GunDetect, it will be able to alert homeowners whenever the presence of a gun has been detected. It works through image recognition via a cloud analysis service.

Presumably this can be installed in any establishment, not just your home. It can be used in office buildings where there might not be metal detectors. It can be used in retail stores as well, like when a gun is pulled out of its holster or if it is accidentally caught on camera. Once a gun has been detected, the system will then send a text message to the camera’s owner to alert them to it.

According to GunDetect’s creators, they are claiming a 90% accuracy rating, which may or may not be enough for some, but with it priced at $350, it is loads cheaper than current systems in the market today. It will require a monthly subscription to the image analysis service in the cloud, although if you’d rather not pay that amount, there is a $550 model in which all the images are analyzed locally.

It’s an interesting device and if you’re looking for more ways to protect your home or business, GunDetect might be a Kickstarter worth investing in, so head on over to its Kickstarter page to learn more or to pledge your support.

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