nokia_meizuNokia will be returning to the smartphone market, which we’re sure many of you guys have heard about by now. However as Nokia had stated, this will most likely be in Q4 2016 and it will be a brand-licensing model, meaning that someone else will be building the device while all Nokia will do is lend its name and reputation.

The question is, who will be building these phones? Will there be some kind of exclusive partnership? Or will it be open to anyone interested? We have no idea about that at the moment, but in the meantime a recent tweet by Chinese OEM Meizu has led many to speculate that Meizu could very well be Nokia’s manufacturing partner.

The tweet basically reads “welcome back Nokia” and a date accompanied the photo, pointing towards the 16th of July which is tomorrow. Now it could very well be that Meizu is simply offering up their congratulations to Nokia returning to the market, but why would Nokia congratulate a potential competitor?

Could it be that come 16th of July, Meizu might have some kind of Nokia-related announcement to make? In any case it’s just speculation, not to mention this partnership will only take off in Q4 2016 so it might be too early for Meizu to be announcing their plans, but either way check back with us on the 16th to see if there are any details to be had.

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