cyanogen_logo_heroIt is no secret that despite being built on Android, Cyanogen wants to take Google out of the equation. Will that be possible? We reckon that will be a rather daunting task but it seems that the company is not fazed by it. In fact according to a recent post by Cyanogen on Instagram, it has been revealed that they have over 50 million users at the moment.

So much so that this apparently represents more users than Windows Mobile and BlackBerry combined, which has since been confirmed by Cyanogen’s Adnan Begovic at the Seattle Code Rush. This is a pretty impressive figure especially when you consider that back in the day, Cyanogen started out as a simple ROM for Android devices.

Granted CyanogenMod is still alive and well, but it’s amazing to see the team transform into a fully-fledged company today with some pretty big hires sitting on their side. So far we’ve seen Cyanogen introduce a host of non-Google products and services to its operating system. This has come in the form of replacing both the default email and calendar app.

Prior to this they relied on Google’s default apps for these services, but true to their word of taking Android away from Google, they have started moving towards third-party services. The company has also teamed up with the likes of manufacturers to preload their software, such as OnePlus and India’s Micromax.

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