apple musicWith Apple being the size that they are, it isn’t suprising that whatever they do is met with close scrutiny. In fact you guys might recall that when Apple Music was first announced, it was later revealed that the EU wanted to take a closer look, just in case the service violates any antitrust laws.

It did not help that there were critics out there who claimed that Apple and the music labels conspired to bring an end to free music and were pushing to kill off Spotify’s free listening tier. However as it turns out that Apple might not be guilty. According to a report from Re/code, it has been revealed that the EU has not found any evidence to support such claims.

The investigators of the EU looked at Apple Music and also took a look at the music labels to see if there was any conspiracy to end free music or any suggestion that it could hurt rivals, but as it turns out their investigations turned up nothing. That being said it does not mean that Apple is in the clear.

The EU is expected to continue monitoring the situation and market to see if anything turns up later, but for now, Apple is safe. However this is only for the European region as over in the US, regulators are conducting their own investigation following the complaints set out by consumer watchdogs. Whether or not US regulators will find anything remains to be seen, but so far the European market is clear.

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