Evernote revamped its Premium offering a few months back, one of its goals with the revamp was to eliminate worries about how much users could put in their account so they removed storage limits and offered unlimited storage to users who didn’t mind paying for the Premium service. The term “unlimited” ended up being confusing and problematic because Evernote soon discovered that people were using the facility for mass file storage and backup instead, the purpose for which it’s not intended.

Evernote was designed as a productivity service that lets you create and keep your important work in one place. “We’re your second brain, not your second hard drive,” the company writes in a post on its blog.

Given that people started using unlimited storage for backing up files and mass storage the company noticed a degradation in service quality which is obviously not good for anyone and that’s why it has decided to make one major change to the Premium service.

Instead of offering unlimited storage to Premium customers Evernote will now offer them 10GB per month which it says is “beyond the needs of 99.999% of our current user base.”

Evernote understands that file sizes will continue to create over time and it promises to improve the service and increase limits to that Premium users can use Evernote for what it was intended without any worries. Those who only used the service for mass file storage will now have to look else, but it’s not like there’s any shortage of cloud storage services offering unlimited storage.

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