A couple of weeks ago, security researcher Samy Kamkar unveiled a creation of his own called OwnStar. This is basically a device that allows hackers to hack smart vehicles and it was demonstrated on GM’s vehicles. This seemed to suggest that only GM’s vehicles had the flaw that could be exploited.

However recently it seems that it has been discovered that smart cars made by other companies such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz are affected by the same flaw as well, meaning that with a bit of tweaking, Kamkar’s OwnStar hack could easily hack these vehicles as well, which safe to say is not what people want to hear.

According to Kamkar, “If you’re using any of these four apps, I can automatically get all of your log-in information and then indefinitely authenticate as you. These apps give me different levels of control of your car. But they all give me some amount of control.” For those unfamiliar with the OwnStar hack, basically it will steal information from the vehicle.

This includes your home address, email address, or even credit card information. It also has the ability to control the car, like starting it remotely. While GM has since responded to the flaw and has issued patches that supposedly patch it, it is unclear as to what the other companies will be doing, but presumably they too will be scrambling to release a fix for it.

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