original xboxDuring E3, much to the pleasant surprise of everyone, Microsoft announced that the Xbox One would be getting backwards compatibility with the Xbox 360. What this means is that the games you played on your Xbox 360 can be played on the Xbox One as well, thus preventing you from wasting games and letting them sit on your shelf collecting dust.

However it seems that perhaps in the future, the backwards compatibility could extend to the original Xbox as well. This is according to Xbox boss Phil Spencer who wrote that such a scenario would not be that much of a stretch. According to Spencer who replied to a question from a game, the current focus is for the Xbox 360, but original Xbox compatibility is a possibility.

He wrote, “I don’t think it’s silly. I ask the BC team this question a lot. Need to finish 360 BC for now.” Of course this is not a guarantee by any means since we suppose Microsoft will need to gauge the amount of interest for such a feature. After all there is no point in enabling it if no one or not many gamers take advantage of it, right?

That being said, it should be noted that despite the Xbox One featuring backwards compatibility, not all games will be compatible as developers/publishers have to opt in on it, so even if it was enabled, it doesn’t mean that all your games are playable.

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