new-chromecastGoogle’s Chromecast has been a pretty big success for the company. After all not only is it relatively affordable, but the premise is so simple and the fact that it takes up little to no room makes it a great way to stream content from your phone, tablet, or PC into the living room. That being said there is always room for improvement and according to a report from 9to5Google, its successor is on its way.

The report claims that a new Chromecast could be announced later this month. With the rumors suggesting that the new Nexus handsets will be launched on the 29th of September, we wouldn’t be surprised if the Chromecast is announced then as well. The report also goes on to add that the device would come with upgraded WiFi ac connectivity, making it faster than its predecessor.

It is also rumored to come with a “feeds” option which apparently displays content or image that will show up on the home screen. Another rumored feature is Fast Play which will allow it to play content faster than before. There is also talk about Chromecast Audio. Apparently this will let users connect the Chromecast to speakers via an aux cable, allowing users wirelessly stream audio to speakers and supporting multi-room playback.

Unfortunately the above image is the only current image of the new Chromecast. It is rather blurry but from what we can tell, Google has given it a new rounder design, versus the flashdrive-shape from before. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but hopefully we will find out more in the next week or two.

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