nexus protectFor the most part, manufacturer warranty covers things like defective hardware that happens by no fault of the user. Usually issues like cracked displays and water damage aren’t covered because this is the fault of the owner. However in recent times we have seen companies come forward with more comprehensive protection plans, like HTC’s Uh-Oh coverage.

Now you might recall that a couple of weeks ago, we reported that Google might have something similar called Nexus Protect, and turns out that the rumors were right on the money. The company has officially announced Nexus Protect which is basically a protection plan that is exclusive to Google’s new Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P handsets.

The Nexus Protect plans are priced at $69 and $89 respectively and will give users 2 years of protection (alongside manufacturer warranty). However like we said, this goes beyond hardware defects and will cover additional damages such as accidental ones like cracked screens. If it has been determined that your device needs repair, Google will send you a replacement device in the next business day.

However we should point out there if you were to file a claim, there will be a $79 deductible with a maximum of 2 claims per plan. At the moment Nexus Protect is only applicable to those living in the US, so if you’d like to learn more hit up the Nexus Protect page for the details.

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