moto-360-sportRecently Motorola took the wraps off their new Moto 360. This Moto 360 smartwatch came in two different sizes with the prices starting from $299. This is a tad expensive for a smartwatch and if the rumors are to be believed, it seems that Motorola almost launched a budget version of the Moto 360.

However for whatever reason, Motorola decided to cancel those plans at the very last minute. According to the rumors, the budget version of the Moto 360 would have been more affordable than the current model. The rumors claim it would have been priced at $250, making it $50 cheaper, so we guess technically it isn’t really a budget model per se.

It is however, much more affordable compared to the Moto 360 which like we said, starts priced at $299. Perhaps the price difference wasn’t big enough to warrant creating two models, unless Motorola would have priced it much lower at $200 or $150. It is possible that at $250, Motorola might have ended up like Apple and the iPhone 5c, where it is still expensive compared to the competition, but not good enough to warrant paying for it.

In any case since Motorola has already launched these new models, it’s hard to tell if such a model even existed in the first place so do take it with a grain of salt. However would a $250 Moto 360 have been more tempting compared to the current model priced starting at $299?

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