sony-morpheus-gdc2014-hubert-nguyenFor the longest time ever, Sony has been referring to their virtual reality headset as Project Morpheus. We expect that Sony would not be using that name commercially, and now that has been confirmed. This is according to a recent tweet by the official PlayStation account in which they wrote, “It’s official: Project Morpheus is now PlayStation VR!”

That’s right, from here on out Project Morpheus will be known as the PlayStation VR. We suppose given how the device was originally intended for gaming, its PlayStation branding hardly comes as a surprise. We also have to wonder now that Sony has officially branded it, does it mean that we’re one step closer to seeing its release?

As it stands we have heard that the PlayStation VR is expected to be released in the first half of 2016. Assuming this is true, Sony will no doubt have a lot of competition to deal with. For starters the consumer version Oculus Rift is also expected to see a release in 2016, and while the HTC Vive will be going out to developers this year in limited quantity, a mass rollout has also been pegged for 2016.

In any case we suppose only time will tell to see which virtual reality headset will prevail, but in the meantime users wanting to get in on the virtual reality experience can always turn to the likes of Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR.

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