We reckon that at the rate we are going, it will probably be a while before we start looking at spaceships that are as futuristic as the Star Trek Enterprise. Granted spaceships themselves are pretty hi-tech as it is, but sometimes fiction has the tendency to set some pretty high expectations.

Now if you’ve always been curious about what being on board the Star Trek Enterprise is like, there is a project being made right now that will give fans the ability to tour the Enterprise spaceship in virtual reality. You can actually get a sneak peek of what it will be like in the video above.

The first thing you guys note is that it isn’t particularly photorealistic. In fact it seems more stylized if anything, but at the same time the attention to detail is amazing. The project is the creation of a 3D artist called Jason B. It seems that he alone is responsible for creating the entire project to date using the Unreal Game Engine 4, resulting in the pretty awesome graphics you see in the video above.

According to Jason, he only plans on completing a part of the Enterprise, but he states that if fans are interested in him furthering his creation, he might turn to crowdfunding to make that happen. However he notes that if he does, he will most likely need approval from CBS. In the meantime if you have 12 minutes to spare, check out his work in the video above.

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