Smart luggages that can be tracked via your smartphone or unlocked via a smartphone app aren’t new. However if you’d rather not buy a brand new luggage just for some of those features, perhaps the AirBolt might be a Kickstarter project worth investing in. The AirBolt brings about some of those features at a much cheaper price.


According to its creators, the AirBolt is a lock for your luggage that is also TSA-friendly. It can be unlocked by using your smartphone app, and it also comes with proximity alerts. This means that if you were to walk off and forget your luggage, or if someone tries to sneak off with your bags, you will be alerted when the AirBolt is out of range.

Of course whether or not by then it will be too late to stop the thief is a different story, but the proximity alerts should be a welcome feature nonetheless. The AirBolt also comes with a built-in Li-on battery that is apparently good for a year, but even then there is a backup button that unlocks the lock should it not worth or if it runs out of juice.

The AirBot isn’t necessarily cheap and will set you back $55 on Kickstarter. However it is cheaper than buying a brand new luggage so if you’d like to help fund the project, do head on over to its Kickstarter page to learn more about it.

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