Microsoft’s augmented reality headset made quite a few heads turn when it was first unveiled earlier this year, the company had said that it would provide information about release and pricing today, and now we know those crucial details. Microsoft has confirmed HoloLens release today, units will start shipping Q1 2016, but they’re not intended for the average consumer.

As the company had previously hinted, the first public version of HoloLens is actually geared towards developers and to ensure that there’s no confusion Microsoft is actually calling it “HoloLens Development Edition.”

Starting today developers can sign up online to purchase a unit, they won’t be able to get them for cheap, Microsoft is asking $3,000 for these development edition HoloLens units with shipments slated to begin in the first quarter of the coming year.

The company says that there’s no new information as yet regarding the specifications and features of the development edition, it’s likely that the specs are the same as the units showed off earlier this year, which are believed to have included an x86 processor with 2GB RAM, 60Hz refresh rate and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

The price tag is even higher than what Google asked for with the Google Glass Explorer Edition, it puts the headset out of range for most students and hobbyists, but the company can make the argument that it’s hardware is much more substantial than what Google was offering with the developer-oriented versions of Glass.

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