Microsoft confirmed a while back that it’s bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, enabling owners of its console to play titles that were originally meant only for the Xbox 360. There might be many Xbox fans out there who wouldn’t mind the ability to have backward compatibility for original Xbox games as well, turns out they have a supported in Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has said in an interview that it will be “great” if original Xbox games become playable on Xbox One.

Even though the idea sounds good on paper it’s not exactly high up on Microsoft’s priorities, as Spencer himself explains, currently the priority is to make sure that backwards compatibility for Xbox 360 games works like a charm.

Spencer also said previously that he would like to see Windows 10 users get the ability to play Xbox 360 games on the PC and he reiterates that while this will be good it’s not on the company’s priorities list right now.

The Xbox boss also revealed that the team was working on enabling Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One for about eight months before they finally came up with a way to make those games playable on the new x86 architecture.

Backwards compatibility for original Xbox games might happen at some point, Spencer doesn’t rule it out completely, but it might take a significant amount of time to come to fruition.

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