microsoft_surface_pro_4_9For those of you who have been looking out for the Surface Pro 4 tablet from Microsoft since May this year, amidst all of the rumors, you would have realized by now that the tablet is not going to ship all that early. In fact, if you would want to get a hold of it by the 26th of October this year, then you would want to roll up your sleeves and ensure that you will be able to pick up by the time of the stated date. How do we know about this? Well, the Microsoft Store has sent out an email that stated that October 23 happens to be the last day to place a pre-order for the Surface Pro 4 if you would want to be an early adopter.

The Surface Pro 4 has been stated that it might very well be the tablet that could replace a laptop or notebook, although there is also the rather expensive Surface Book which does have its fair share of “muscle”, so to speak. It is going to be a hard toss up between the two, but if you happen to have a more shallow pocket, then the Surface Pro 4 does seem as though it will suffice.

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