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A few months back Microsoft launched the Xbox One Elite Controller. At $150 it’s much expensive than the standard $60 wireless controller for the company’s current-gen gaming console but then again this controller is capable of doing much more than its standard counterpart. That’s what it makes it appealing and justifies the $150 price tag, gamers are clamoring to get their hands on one, so much so that you can forget about getting one from Amazon before Spring 2016.


There have already been supply constraints for the Xbox One Elite Controller, the company simply didn’t have enough units manufactured to meet the massive demand for this controller, earlier this month Microsoft said that it expects supplies to be limited throughout the month of November.

Microsoft is also selling this controller through retailers and Amazon is one of them. The company has updated its listing for the controller which now clearly mentions that the product is out of stock. A note has been added to the listing which says that due to high customer demand orders shipped from and sold by Amazon are “unlikely to be delivered until Spring 2016.”

If you’re really desperate to get one there are individuals who will happily sell you one at a premium, the going rate for the Xbox One Elite Controller on eBay appears to be $300 right now, or you might try your luck with other stores hoping that they might still have some inventory left.

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