Fans of horror movies and the slasher film genre should be more than familiar with the classic Friday the 13th franchise. What you guys might have also heard is that a game based on the franchise is being made with the blessing of the show’s creator. The twist here is that instead of you being the good guy, you get to play as Jason Voorhees as you chase camp counselors and try to kill them varying creative and brutal fashion.

In a way you could think of this as being similar to Evolve, except that in this case you will be playing as a very well-known character from the movies. Now the good news is that if you were wondering what the game might look like, pre-alpha gameplay footage has been posted on YouTube (see above), giving gamers a glimpse as to what the game could look like.

However as its developers note, this is pre-alpha meaning that it is far, far from being the final product. They also note that the assets in the game are temporary like its character models and animation. That being said, we guess it should still serve its purpose into further enlightening players about the game and how it could play.

Friday the 13th will be a multiplayer game where one player takes control of Jason, and the other 7 players will be counselors who are attempting to run away. Based on what we see, we reckon it does a pretty good job of retaining the same scary feel as the movies, but be your own judge and check out the footage in the video above.

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