NEC Crop has said that by using eyeglasses and a smartwatch it’s capable of projecting an augmented reality keyboard on a user’s forearm. It’s called the ARmKeypad and it relies upon the glasses to show the augmented reality keys to the user, since glasses are essential to this, everyone expect the user will not be able to see the projected keyboard.

The glasses not only provide the display but they also detect finger movements to log key presses, the accompanying smartwatch is capable of sensing the timing of keystrokes and alter keyboard displays accordingly.

NEC says that this device makes the user feel as if they’re “wearing a keyboard or input buttons” on their forearm without actually having to carry one. It points out that this wearable device is much more effective than those which are controlled via voice commands because it’s harder to use them in loud environments, or in places where you can’t be speaking up too much.

It also frees up the user from having to carry a controller or hardware keyboard for data input, allowing them to essentially use a full keyboard with their smartwatch, something which has not yet been possible.

NEC will continue to work on the ARmKeypad, it hopes to bring this device to the market at some point next year.

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