2016-nissan-leaf-1Thinking about doing your part for the environment by purchasing an electric car? There are several models that you can choose from. You have the more sporty electric cars from Tesla which are more expensive, but if you don’t need all that power under the hood and just want a decent, normal car, Nissan could be worth taking a look at.

Now for those who have been eyeing the 2016 Nissan Leaf, you might be interested to learn that the pricing for the US model of the car has been unveiled. The price will start at $29,010 for the Leaf S before federal tax credits. For those who have a bit of range anxiety, you can opt for the Leaf SV and the Leaf SL, both of which pack the larger 30 kilowatt-hours battery.

However they will come at a higher price with the Leaf SV priced at $34,200 and the Leaf SL priced at $36,790. This means that if you’d rather not spend so much, the base Leaf S model will still retain its 24kWh battery which will have a range of 84 miles on a full charge versus the 107 miles with the larger 30kWh battery, according to the EPA.

That being said, the range you get will also largely depend on how you drive. Putting the pedal to the metal will probably net you much less range than advertised, while driving sensibly will probably get you pretty close.

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