apple-maps-ios-7-navigationWhen Apple Maps made its debut several years ago, many were giddy with anticipation considering that various reports of the companies that Apple acquired to help build it, along with the technology that would be powering the service. However safe to say that its launch was something of a disaster.


This led to Apple’s CEO Tim Cook issuing a public apology, along with claims that former Apple exec Scott Forstall was asked to quit after he refused to apologize for the Maps fiasco alongside Cook. That being said, over the years Apple has made many changes to Apple Maps in an attempt to improve it, and it looks like their efforts might have paid off.

According to Apple who spoke to Associated Press (via MacRumors), they have claimed that in recent times, Apple Maps is actually used three times more on iPhones than Google Maps. Of course one could argue that because Apple Maps comes bundled by default, users are forced to use the software.

However AP claims that many users have since returned to the service, suggesting that users are genuinely pleased with the improvements Apple has made over the years. However Google Maps continues to dominate mapping applications and according to the numbers, they have twice as many users compared to Apple Maps, but what say you? Have you decided to give Apple Maps a second chance?

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