Conventional car manufacturers haven’t been that quick to embrace all electric cars but now they’re rapidly turning towards this much more greener option of powering an automobile. Even luxury brands like Porsche are getting in on the action, trying to claw back market share from Tesla, that’s pretty much enjoying a clear playing field as far as high-end electric cars are concerned. Citroën wants a piece of the pie as well, which is why its E-Mehari all electric convertible has now entered production.

The new E-Mehari is based on the Mehari off-roader that was made between 1969 and 1988 but is obviously not like that particular vehicle at all. Actually at first glance the car looks like an altered version of the Cactus M convertible concept that the company showed off at the Frankfurt Auto Show earlier this year.

The car will be powered by an all-electric motor that’s backed up by a lithium metal polymer battery pack, it promises a range of 124 miles with a top speed of 68 miles-per-hour. These stats show that this E-Mehari isn’t really being made to travel from coast to coast, but it will be a good option for people who just want to drive in the city, and don’t mind the relatively low range of 124 miles.

Citroën is going to offer this car in the very same color selections that were offered when the original Mehari came out back in 1968. No word on the pricing as yet, the new E-Mehari is likely to be released in Europe first next year before it hits roads in the United States.

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