nokia-ozoIf you have thought that VR (Virtual Reality) technology does not come cheap, you are correct – where the high end segment of the market is concerned, that is. Nokia’s OZO VR Camera is a professional device that boasts of features such as real-time preview, wireless operation, and full 3D 360 audio and video broadcasting – hence warranting the $60,000 price tag, of course. Nokia President Ramzi Haidamus shared, “We’re at the dawn of an exciting new medium that will transform the way people connect to stories, events, and the world around them.”

First teased in July this year, the Nokia OZO is spherical in nature with a long handle that protrudes from the back, and it has been specially designed and constructed for professional content creators. Boasting of stereoscopic 3D video and spacial audio thanks to eight synchronized shutter sensors as well as integrated microphones, you can be sure that the experience recorded using the Nokia OZO is going to be cool to say the least.

Apart from that, users can import their footage into the OZO software for real-time 3D viewing; enabling content to be published for VR-viewing hardware in the same vein as that of the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive VR, Samsung Gear VR, Sony PlayStation VR, and Microsoft HoloLens.

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