fender in-ear monitorWhen you think of the brand Fender, if you are a musician there’s a good chance you are thinking about their guitars and basses, and to a certain extent maybe even their amplifiers. That being said, what you might not associate them with are headphones, but it looks like Fender wants to try their hand at it anyway.

The company has recently announced a series of in-ear monitors. For those unfamiliar, monitors are typically worn by musicians while they are recording in the studio or on stage. This is to allow them to hear the backing track, a metronome tick, and etc. in events that their instruments might drown everything out.

These in-ear monitors include the DXA1, FXA2, FXA5, FXA6, and the FXA7. The specs and prices of all the models will differ, but they will feature SureSeal tips, a cleaning tool, and will come in a carrying case. Prices range from $100 to $500, with the DXA1 being the cheapest of the lot, and the FXA7 being the most expensive.

They have also been designed for different musicians in mind, for example the FXA2 is aimed more at the drummer and bass players. Fender is expected to release these in-ear monitors in March, so if keep an eye out for them if you like what you see (or hear).

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