While we’ve seen companies and hobbyists create their own lightsabers over the years, safe to say that with the launch of The Force Awakens, it would seem that more people are hopping on the bandwagon. Now we’ve seen some truly dangerous lightsabers, like one that shoots a jet of flame for its blade, and one that features an actual laser that can burn.


However if neither of these lightsabers is for you, then you might want to keep a close watch on Martin Beyer’s works, especially since he has recently put together a lightsaber that we think might be one of the prettiest versions yet. For Star Wars fans, you guys know that the lightsabers in the stories are made using kyber crystals.

Since such crystals do not exist in the real world, at least, we haven’t discovered them yet, what Beyer has done is equip his lightsaber with an actual aqua aura quartz crystal instead, which helps filter the light. The crystal itself is removable meaning that you could swap it out for another crystal if you think that it will give you a better effect.

It comes with its own soundboard, speakers, and can switch colors between blue, green, or white. Beyer claims that the chassis of the lightsaber was self-constructed and handcrafted, which is actually pretty impressive, but right now it is still a prototype and he has no plans to sell them yet.

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