htc viveAs you might have heard, HTC will be taking pre-orders for the HTC Vive starting next month but what HTC failed to mention is how much the device will cost. That being said, a report from Taiwan (via G for Gadgets) has suggested that the price of the HTC Vive could end up around $1,500.

This would be ridiculous as it would be priced almost three times what the Oculus Rift would cost, and at $599 there are a ton of gamers who are complaining already, so we can only imagine that with an official price tag of $1,500, the entire internet will go up in arms about it. In fact while the PlayStation VR has yet to be officially priced, some have predicted that it will be priced around the $400-$600 range.

So why is the HTC Vive rumored to be so expensive? According to the unnamed analysts, it has been suggested that the technology in the HTC Vive, like the recognition features and SteamVR integration, has added to its price, making it more expensive than the competition out there today.

In any case, it should be best taken with a grain of salt for now as HTC has yet to officially announce the price, not to mention we think that it does seem to be a bit incredulous that HTC could price way above the competition in what can only be described as a burgeoning industry, but what do you guys think?

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