microsoft-hololens-hands-on-01While some tech companies are looking at virtual reality being the future, it seems that Microsoft is focusing on a different reality – augmented reality to be exact, thanks to the creation of the HoloLens which seems to suggest that is the route Microsoft will be taking. Now the device is still in development, but a recent report from Petri has revealed additional details.


According to the report, which is based on Microsoft holding an event in Tel Aviv, Microsoft evangelist Bruce Harris revealed some additional details about the HoloLens wearable, namely its battery life, and what kind of device it will be able to connect with, and other features that we might be able to expect.

Starting with battery life, Harris revealed that under normal usage, the HoloLens is expected to last 5.5 hours. However with heavier usage, this drops to about 2.5 hours. We suppose your mileage will vary, but we guess 5.5 hours is the best you’ll be able to squeeze out of it, at least for now.

The HoloLens was also revealed to be able to connect to anything, just as long as it supports either Bluetooth or WiFi, which safe to say is pretty much any mobile device these days. Harris also stated that the field of view is similar to a 15-inch monitor viewed 2 feet away from your face. Apparently this is because due to the cost and battery-life, but this will be improved upon as manufacturing improves.

Note that the HoloLens isn’t even available commercially yet, but these are some of the specs users can expect from the current version. Microsoft is expected to ship developer editions this year, so hopefully the final version will be very different.

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