The hipster trend, whether you love it or not, is still going on (albeit no longer in full force). This has seen a rise in demand for all things retro and vintage, like glasses with no lenses, and etc. Now if you consider yourself a hipster, or maybe you can appreciate their fashion, you might be interested in the 2VR virtual reality headset.


As you can see in the video above, the 2VR is not your typical VR headset. If anything it is a pair of round-shaped glasses with hooks in the front which is where your smartphone will rest on. In a way we suppose we can appreciate its design as it means that it is less bulky than traditional headsets, even those like the Google Cardboard.

It also means that it is potentially portable as you can just fold these up and bring it with you wherever you go, thus letting you enjoy virtual reality wherever you are. It will also play nicely with a variety of mobile devices including the iPhone and Android handsets. The only downside is that because it doesn’t block your entire vision, it probably won’t create the same immersive experience than regular VR headsets.

It’s an interesting idea and a unique one to boot, so if you’d like to see the 2VR become a reality, then head on over to its Kickstarter page to lend your support.

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