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There has been a lot of speculation recently about the products that Apple is expected to unveil at its rumored event next month, There seems to be consensus on the iPad Air 3 and iPhone 5se but there are contradicting claims about the Apple Watch 2. Apple hasn’t revealed anything itself but the fact that major retailers have once again cut the price on its first smartwatch has got a lot of people talking about the possibility of a successor being unveiled next month.

Several Apple Watch models have been discounted by as much as $100 at retailers like Best Buy, Target, B&H and possibly others as well. The 38mm Apple Watch Sport model can now be had for $249.

We usually see retailers cut prices on products a few weeks before a successor is due to arrive. We’re seeing them do this with some other products these days, like the Galaxy S6, the successor to which will be unveiled on February 21st.

Apple hasn’t cut the price of its smartwatch as yet and hasn’t said anything that would indicate that the Apple Watch 2 will be announced next month. Several analysts are of the view that there will be an Apple Watch-related announcement at the event next month but the company is likely to announce some software features and maybe new band options.

A full-fledged successor to the Apple Watch isn’t expected to arrive before the fall, so if you’d like to have one, it appears that this is the best time to put money down for Apple’s first smartwatch.

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