drone-autonomousIt looks like the folks over at the FAA could be looking into making changes to the proposed regulations where drones are concerned, and the committee has invited a number of commercial stakeholders, where among them include the likes of Alphabet’s Google X, Intel and GoPro, to the group in order to get their views on the situation. Recommendations will be worked on from March 2016 onward, with a final report being handed in to the FAA by April 1st (hopefully there will be no April Fool’s level joke there) so that the agency will then go through it before filing a proposal.


The reason behind such big time technological companies being invited? Business interests from the various parties have certainly piled a fair amount of pressure on the FAA and Congress where wider drone use is concerned, although there are fair worries about public safety and privacy.

Eventually, there is the possibility of enabling the use of a wider array of drones over public spaces, which will certainly be in the favor of companies that perform drone deliveries, but also to those who manufacture and sell drones to recreational users. Right now, drone owners will need to register their drones with the FAA (for free) and so far, the number of registrations have been encouraging to say the least.

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