ACTIVE_A360_1_Expires_Aug_2018Some of you guys might recall that back in 2014, Fitbit was facing some problems with its fitness trackers in which there were several complaints by customers that they were getting skin rashes. Thankfully it seems to have gone away, but unfortunately for Polar, it looks like their customers have been hit with similar issues as well.

According to Wareable, it seems that Polar has recently started to send out emails to its customers, informing them that the company’s A360 tracker could be causing allergic skin reactions for some users. So far the company claims to have received four confirmed reports, so in reality it isn’t really that widespread, but we suppose it’s good of them to let their customers know anyway.

The issue is said to have to do with the non-hardened glue in the optical heart rate sensor. If you are not experiencing any problems, then your device should be fine. However if you think that maybe you’re having some kind of allergic reaction while using the device, then Polar asks that you stop using it right away and get in touch with their Customer Care.

Like we said, there have only been four confirmed cases so chances of this affecting you does appear to be pretty slim, but if you do use the A360, maybe you’ll want to keep an eye out just in case.

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