TitanfallThe original Titanfall title was released in 2014 and seemed to have received pretty favorable reviews. Now if you’re looking forward to a sequel which will hopefully introduce new features that you thought the previous game was lacking, you might not have to wait much longer for the official details.

A recent post on NeoGAF (via Attack of the Fanboy) has revealed that materials relating to Titanfall 2 have been making their appearance in Gamestops around the country. The original report was met with skepticism until a photo made its way on Twitter in which it shows game boxes for the upcoming title, or at least what could be placeholders.

Given that the original Titanfall was released in March, it has been speculated that an announcement in the coming weeks or months ahead of E3, or possibly during E3 2016, would make perfect sense. Last we heard, the game’s developer Respawn Entertainment has confirmed the sequel’s existence and that it is due for a release in the fiscal year of 2017.

This means that at the very latest, it will be released on 31st March 2017, and at the earliest it will be announced on the 1st of April, 2016. A report from earlier this month had initially suggested that the game will be released in 2016, but the game’s publisher has since refuted the claims, saying that they have yet to set an official date for its release, but here’s hoping additional details will be revealed soon.

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