windows 10Just yesterday, Xiaomi officially announced its latest flagship handset in the form of the Xiaomi Mi 5. Prior to its launch, there were rumors that the phone could come in a Windows 10 Mobile variant, but safe to say that yesterday’s announcement made no such mention so for now, it will only come in one flavor: Android.

However according to recent rumors, it seems that Microsoft could still be working on a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for the handset, and to top it off, the rumors are claiming that this ROM could be developed for other Android handsets too like the OnePlus 2 and the next-gen OnePlus 3 which is expected to be launched this coming June.

Now if you think the idea is a bit ludicrous, it really isn’t. Last year, Microsoft launched the Windows 10 Mobile ROM for the Xiaomi Mi 4, so for them to do so again for the Mi 5 wouldn’t really be a stretch of the imagination. Also if they have brought the ROM onto the Mi 4, we reckon it shouldn’t be too hard to get it working for the OnePlus 2 either.

However the question is whether or not Microsoft wants to do it. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think? Do you think that releasing a Windows 10 Mobile ROM for Android device could be a good way for Microsoft to start stealing some market share from the likes of iOS and Android?

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