selfie-swanAs each report of selfie deaths, injuries and even the abuse of animals start to come in more and more frequently, it gets all the more believable that those who absolutely love to snap selfies do exhibit signs of narcissism and psychopathy, indeed. The latest incident involves a swan who was minding its own business in Macedonia, before a visiting Bulgarian tourist to Lake Ohrid pulled the swan out of the water by its wing to be a prop for a selfie.

Macedonian resident Nake Batev saw the tourist roughing up the bird while he captured the event happening, and Batev shared, “I was just walking by when I noticed her posing and grabbing for her friends to take the picture. It was just a second and in the next moment I was running and yelling for her to let go.”

As for the poor swan, it remains to be ascertained as to whether our poor winged friend survived the ordeal, as an eyewitness claimed that the swan managed to swim away from such a traumatic experience, while it has been reported that the swan died shortly after. Looks like basic decency and common sense is in short supply these days after all.

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